Cloud Computing

10 Benefits of ‘Cloud’ Computing for SME Businesses

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1. Reduced Capex & Opex Costs – ‘Cloud’ computing offers tremendous advantages to small and medium size business in terms of reduced costs, both in terms of initial outlay (Capex) and ongoing operational costs (Opex) such as IT resource & power/energy.

2. Pay-As-You Go, On-Demand – You pay for what you use, its as simple as that. Should you business need to ramp up, for example seasonally, then you can turn up the bandwidth, users and processing power.

3. Scalable Storage Options – You can scale your companies storage needs seamlessly rather than having to go out and purchase expensive hardware. In addition there is no need for IT to worry about paying for future updates in terms of software and hardware, your hosting provider takes care of all that.

4. Remote Access – Employees can access information wherever they are, rather than having to remain stationary much of the time, great if you have home/mobile workers.

5. Green Computing – ‘Cloud’ computing uses less energy than traditional data centres which is important to many in this day and age.

6. Ease of Implementation – Without the need for implementation of hardware and various other components which can take several hours. You can be running your business in almost as much time as it takes to setup a twitter account.

7. Skilled Vendors – Would you rather these guys manage and protect your data – Microsoft, Google, IBM, Yahoo, Sales Force and Amazon or a potentially limited skilled and over paid IT staff?

8. Response time – ‘Cloud’ computing accomplishes a better response time in most cases than your standard server hardware.

9. Even the playing field for small start-ups – This allows small companies to compete more effectively with some of the larger businesses, effectively balancing the playing field.

10. Performance, durability & high availability – Run your websites and SAAS (Software as a Service) applications at a much faster rate with the benefits of using a much more durable and available service.