IT Support

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Xenitel’s complete IT Support services provide flexible, cost-effective solutions for the full range of IT outsourcing needs, from full-time, department-wide capabilities to part-time targeted functions. Our comprehensive package lets your business join our VIP (Virtual IT Partnership) network, and provides the following features:

    • Monitoring: Xenitel will monitor your network and server environment 24/7. Our engineers can be alerted when there is an issue.
    • Help Desk: Onsite or offsite helpdesk support for technical issues. Our ITIL compliant helpdesk solution tracks all requests and reports on key metrics, and gives customers the ability to fill in satisfaction surveys.
    • Application and Network Management: Our certified engineers will perform all essential IT tasks to help your business be most competitive in today’s work environment.
    • Security: Xenitel’s security pros will secure your networks through advanced firewall configuration, patch management, SPAM filtering, antivirus, penetration testing and make sure your datacenter has solid physical security.
    • Project Management: Our project managers will make sure all of your projects are delivered on time, and on budget. Our project managers will report directly to your company’s executives.
    • Consulting: With our IT Services, you get access to our certified IT consultants with practices in key areas of today’s technologies
    • Procurement: Through partnerships with key vendors in the IT space, Xenitel can help you secure most hardware or software
    • Compliance: Our staff has experience in following compliance rules for HIPAA, SOX, and various SEC rules. We offer solutions, such as e-mail archiving, that help you adhere to your industry regulations.
    • Cost Cutting: Xenitel will help your bottom line by continuously implementing cost cutting measures. Your company will run leaner and greener with our partnership.


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